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A Life of Adventures

Eleanor Rodriguez

Jan 3, 2024

Meet Mr. Goold

Most of us think of John Goold as the 61-year-old teacher in room 141, but behind his ever-enthusiastic smile is a lifetime of service and experiences. Goold’s life can be boiled down to his passion for serving his country, his faith, and others through the adventures he takes. 

Goold was born in 1962 in Fresno, CA. His father, a forest ranger and WW2 veteran, gave him a love of outdoor adventures, and their family trips to California's coast fostered a love of the water. Two weeks after graduating from Hoover HS, he went straight into boot camp, then radio school, and then started serving in the Coast Guard. When asked about a big struggle in his life he answered, “Leaving the nest was a big struggle. I had to really grow up when I joined the Coast Guard.” 

When describing his experiences in the Coast Guard, Goold said, “The Coast Guard is about being a servant to others. You might be having a crappy day, but the people you are saving are probably having a worse one.” He learned that when they played a recording of a rescue on the first day of Search and Rescue training. He realized the harsh reality that, as a rescuer, he had to go out, but he may not come back. Throughout 20 years in the Coast Guard as a radioman, Goold worked on ships and shore stations in Alaska, New Zealand, Hawaii, Samoa, and the Pacific coast.

He didn’t just work in the Coast Guard. Still serving in the Guard, Goold joined a Catholic Monastery for a few years. After leaving the Monastery, he went on to get a Bachelor's degree in History and Political Science from Evergreen State College and later a degree in Special Education from Chaminade University in Hawaii. While in University, John had a mentor, Nathan Maroda, who was influential in his choice of studying Special Education. Maroda was the SpEd department head and encouraged Goold by telling him how he could teach every subject and help people reach goals not thought possible by society. 

After 20 years in the Coast Guard, Goold was looking for new opportunities, so he began teaching and joined the Air National Guard in 2000. In the early 2000s, he was deployed to the Middle East to help with operations in Iraq. When he returned, he accepted a full-time position in the 142nd Fighter Wing, and for the next 11 years, he was able to have cultural experiences in Europe and the Middle East while serving his country. When he moved to Klamath Falls to work at Kingsley Field, he worked in the parachute shop and eventually personnel. He always knew he would eventually return to teaching because it was always his second passion. After Goold retired from the military, he became a special education teacher in 2021.

Even after all of his many adventures, Goold said that one of his favorite memories is waking up before the sun and his crewmates to climb to the highest point on his Coast Guard ship to feel the salt-filled ocean air and watch the big ball that is the sun come up from the horizon. John Goold has moved throughout life with a few regrets, like anyone, but he always tried to do his best for his country, his faith, and others.  

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