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A Mount Rushmore of Leaders

Alyse Perez, Eleanor Rodriguez, Eden Johnston, Marley Ogao

Sep 10, 2023

These students are bound to make a monumental impact on KU for numerous years to come.

Freshmen Class President

By Alyse Perez

Zoe Bitzer decided to run for Freshman class president to inspire school spirit and class unity in the class of 2027 and to change the class reputation around Klamath Union. She won her election and plans to work hard this year to achieve her goals for KU’s newest Pelicans.

Bitzer’s goal for the year is to strengthen the Freshman community to create strong bonds and friendships that will last their entire time at KU. She hopes to achieve this through listening to her classmates’ ideas and giving them opportunities to get involved. Building school spirit is Bitzer’s main passion. She wants to encourage her class to show up and be loud in the student section at home games, get involved in ASB, and participate in school and class activities. 

This year Bitzer is trying to build a strong foundation of school spirit that carries through all the classes that come up after hers. She is willing to listen and wants to hear what her classmates have to say. Her message to her class is that she’s “ready to make [her] freshman class stronger and unite [them].” Good luck this year Zoe, KU is rooting for you!

Sophomore Class President

By Eleanor Rodriguez

“I am proud to be a part of KU. I love KU.” are the words of our sophomore class president, Kinna Freid. Though not originally elected, when the previous class president, Talon Chancellor, was elected ASB vice president, Freid was ready and willing to step into the role.

ASB teacher Mrs. Kerr describes Kinna as “ An asset to the ASB organization! She has the ability to connect with a wide range of students and provides fantastic organization and planning skills.” Kinna currently works on dances for ASB and likes to lead committees, but she is ready to take more of a leadership role. She would love to bring more school spirit to KU and hold events to encourage student involvement. To her, having school spirit is very important and improves students' high school experience. It is something she is very passionate about. 

Kinna’s favorite part of the campaign was having fun with her promotional video and working with the other candidates. Campaign videos are a great way to get all students interested in ASB elections and future activities, which is exactly what she encourages. Kinna doesn’t have any current plans for the rest of the year, but everyone is excited to see what she will do for KU as she embraces her new role.

Junior Class President

By Eden Johnston

The election was an exciting time for all candidates, with everyone campaigning at their best. But, only four could come out on top. One of those four winners is now the junior class president, Paetyn Eckert.  When asked about the emotional aspect of the election, Eckert conveyed the advantages that came with running “I was really excited, and I got to talk to more people in our class. I was confident, but I recognized my opponent and her strengths” she says. 

Even before being elected, she had many ideas of how she was going to lead her class. With excitement during the election and plans to connect the Juniors as a community, Eckert seems to have clear and concrete plans for the Junior class. “I want to do more activities and fundraisers this year. I’m definitely planning seasonal events for our class.” Some of these events include a pancakes and pj’s fundraiser, cookies for a cause, a staff versus students basketball game, and much more. Some of the proceeds from these fundraisers will help with improving KU’s prom this year. 

Senior Class President

By Marley Ogao

Elections were an exciting period for students, especially for Abby Martin, the new senior class president. With witty posts and active campaigning, Martin came out on top. Martin has already shown that she can be quite the leader. As a member of ASB, she helped raise well over $1,000 for homecoming expenses and worked hard to plan other parts of homecoming, including the court. 

When asked about her goals and hopes for her class as president, Martin responded, “My goal is really just to have the absolute best year ever and to just have as much fun as we can!” She hopes to help unite her class and make many new memories. 

Martin will be going to Nicaragua to help teach kids English at the end of January. Already she has ideas of how to keep her class involved. She’s built up a cabinet of sorts among fellow ASB members of the senior class including Alyse Perez, Patricia Dougherty, and Andrew Segura. They plan to meet monthly to discuss plans for their class. “I’m trying to plan everything ahead of time and have the monthly meetings even when I’m gone,” she says. She knows that when she is gone for three months the students will be in good hands. She hopes that a team effort will accomplish more than one person can. 

Part of Martin’s plans for the year include monthly activities such as a Christmas movie night, a minute-to-win-it game night, and even a lantern release. Other projects of hers include a senior-only dance with both Mazama and Henley and best of all, a senior trip. Martin hopes to have a small two-day trip down to California to go to 6 Flags and the beach. “I’m excited to be able to help make it an even better year. I think we have a lot of amazing people working with us and a lot of amazing parents who are trying so hard…nothing should stop us from having a great senior year.”

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