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Full of Royalty

Samantha Pope

Oct 31, 2023

Meet Klamath Union's Homecoming Royalty

Homecoming week is an exciting time of year for the Klamath Union student body. Tailgating, football games, spirit week, and the homecoming dance allow students to show their school spirit. One of the most looked-forward-to events during the week is the homecoming court, where students have the opportunity to run for homecoming royalty.

Through campaigning, students battle to win over the hearts of their classmates for the famed homecoming titles of prince, princess, and the ultimate title reserved for seniors, of king and queen. This year, two candidates from each grade have managed to steal the hearts of their classmates above all others. 

For the class of 2027, students voted Freshman Kenzi Freid for princess, and David Delaney for prince. The class of 2026 voted Ariah Miller as the Sophomore princess, and Luis Garcia as the Sophomore prince. Class of 2025 students voted for Maddison Brookshire as the Junior Princess, and Ferdinand Schrader as the Junior Prince. Four Senior couples also made court, with each couple earning the titles of homecoming prince and princess. These seniors included Abby Martin, Daquan McKay, Brooke Nelson, Dominic Armijo, Darrell Anspaughsnow, and Lily Anderson. After a week of campaigning, including the pep assembly and parade, seniors Cassidy Bogatay and Logan Strop came out on top, winning Klamath Union’s 2023-2023 homecoming queen and king.

The Klamath Union 2023 homecoming season was one that students will never forget. Through school activities such as the homecoming court, students received the opportunity to become more involved in their community and learning environment, creating a strong sense of unity throughout Klamath Union’s student body. As homecoming season wrapped up on a warm note, students are looking forward to their next annual homecoming, to see who will rise to the title of next year’s new homecoming royalty.

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