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Twenty-One Years Of Tradition

Brooke Nelson

Nov 5, 2023

Over the years DECA has raised thousands of pounds of food for the Klamath Animal Shelter, that never fails to appreciate the donations. It’s an annual tradition that celebrated its twentieth event just last year.

The 2022 campaign was a record-breaking year for KU DECA. The chapter raised over 3,400 pounds of food plus additional cash donations. These numbers surpassed all expectations, and are a source of pride to chapter leaders. After last year's massive success, KU DECA was excited to tackle the event once again. 

Chapter leaders secured five stores around the community: Coastal, Grange, Albertson’s, Petco, and Thunderbird. After gathering volunteers, the event kicked off on October 28th. Volunteers stood in front of the stores requesting donations of money and food from shoppers. Even with the bitterly cold weather and an unfortunate lack of sun, volunteers still managed to connect with customers, returning to the chapter with stories about the people they met during the day.

Chapter officer Alyse Perez spoke on the value of the event, “The event not only strengthens our bond with the Klamath Animal Shelter, but also strengthens our bond with the local businesses we use as our donation locations and gets our chapter members out in the community volunteering for a good cause.” Community service is a crucial factor of DECA, as it helps members stay connected in the community, and shows appreciation for all Klamath does for KU DECA. 

Although the event didn’t top last year’s shocking numbers, the chapter still did quite well, raising over 1,250 pounds of food, all of which will go to feeding shelter pets during the holiday season. With the event now behind them, KU DECA is looking forward to competition season, as well as other events coming up in the following months.

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